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Queen of Bees Wildflower liquid
Queen of Bees Wildflower liquid
$3.50  ea

Sunderland RAW Creamed Clover Honey 1kg
Sunderland RAW Creamed Clover Honey 1kg
Clover is the source of almost 1/3 of Ontario's honeys, and it's delicious. This varietal is silky smooth, spreadable, quite sweet to the tongue, unpasteurized and Raw.
$19.00  ea

Sunderland RAW Creamed Clover Honey 3kg pail
It'll be a family favourite, kids love the "marshmallow" undertones in this silky smooth honey. Amazing discount on the larger size.
$48.00  ea

Sunderland RAW Creamed Clover Honey 500g
Sunderland RAW Creamed Clover Honey 500g
One of our top selling honeys! You'll be hooked on its rich sweetness and creamy, almost buttery, texture. Unpasteurized / Raw.
$11.00 / Each

Sunderland Wildflower 1 kg
Sunderland Wildflower 1 kg
If you use honey in cooking or tea this is one to try. Distinctive flavour, even blended the character comes through. Excellent all-round honey, if in your house "EVERY day is Honey Day". Also in 3kg + 15kg + 20kg pails.
$18.00  ea

Sunderland Wildflower 500g
Sunderland Wildflower 500g
One of our most popular honeys, Sunderland Hives Wildflower is great for tea, toast, baking or cooking. This honey has "character", and even when mixed with other flavours its distinct honey flavour shines through!
$10.00  ea

Sunderland Wildflower Liquid RAW Honey 20kg pail
Our best deal on honey. If your family and friends LOVE honey this is the ideal size to share. Unpasteurized / Raw 20kg.
$210.00  ea

Linden Honey House 500g
A unique and fragrant honey, a real taste treat! Brought to you by "the son" of Sunderland Hives, another generation of beekeepers in the making.
$11.00 / Each

Queen of Bees RAW mini 150g
Queen of Bees RAW mini 150g
Great sampler size of this smooth, RAW honey. Mild taste, creamy texture.
$3.95  ea


Categories > SUNDERLAND HIVES HONEY > 100% Ontario Honeys
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Bees Are Life Creamed Honey with Ginger

A NEW FAVOURITE... and only available through Bees Are Life. Only 2 ingredients, Ontario Creamed Wildflower Honey and ground Ginger. Spicy, bold and a bit hot to stimulate the senses, and what a combo they are!

Bees Are Life Creamed Honey with Lavender 330g

HOORAY ... it's back! EXCLUSIVE to Bees Are Life! This delicious creamed Raw honey infused with organic Lavender oil will have you coming back every day for more. A delicious alternative to jam.

Bees Are Life Raw 150g

BACK 🐝 IN STOCK! A lovely and light RAW honey, predominantly clover in source, it has NEVER been heated, and preserves the pollen and beeswax content. Beehives on an organic farm on Warden Ave, in Stouffville.

BEES ARE LIFE 100% ONTARION HONEY 1265 St.Clair Ave. West, Toronto
(west of Dufferin St, between Via Italia and Earlscourt Ave.)
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